Techno India Group is one of the largest and most acclaimed brands in the country having 4 Universities, 20 Engineering Colleges & 10 B-Schools with enviable track record of providing quality education and excellent placement record. About 5 Lakh of our alumni are placed in the leaading MNCs like TCS,WIPRO,CAPGEMINI,INFOSYS,CTS,L&T,IBM,ACCENTURE etc and is getting a pay package of over RS 12,00,000/US$60K per annum in India and Abroad since 26 Years.


Electrical Engineering
The School offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Technology in Control & Instrumentation. Further, the School also enrolls candidates for Ph.D programs. The School has qualified and experienced faculty in all the related fields of Electrical Engineering viz. Electrical Power System, Electrical Machines, Control, Instrumentation, Microprocessors, Power Electronics and Digital Signal Processing.

Civil Engineering
The booming Indian economy has seen tremendous activity in the civil infrastructure sector creating opportunities for civil engineers. The School of Civil and Construction Technology pulls out all the stops to create outstanding engineers; with advanced teaching techniques and learning aids for the students along with state- of- the- art research and entrepreneurial facilities.

Bio Technology
Biotechnology is one of the booming technologies of this century which confers the ability to use biological organisms (microbes, plants or animals), their processes or constituents in their native or altered forms to generate new or improved processes, products and services. This technology has its impact in areas such as public health, clinical medicine, surgery, agriculture, food products, beverages, forestry, animal husbandry, chemical industry, fermentation products, mining, waste treatment, detergents, environment protection, biodiversity identification and conservation. The advent of Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Bioinformatics and Nanotechnology gives a new dimension to this upcoming technology.

Computer Science Engineering
The School of Computer Science and Information Technology offers wide angle learning opportunities at undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and doctoral levels. It has strong alumni strength of more than 3000, most of whom are presently employed with the leading corporate like Infosys, IBM, CTS, TCS, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, MBT and so on. The School also provides Doctoral programs leading to Ph D in Cellular Automata, Web Intelligence, Distributed Computing, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia Systems and Compiler Design. The School has also bagged quite a good number of Sponsored Research and Consultancy over the years. The professional courses recognized by the Department of Electronics, Govt. of India, are offered at 73 College and University Centers in a networked approach.

Electronics and Communication Engineering
The Electronics and Communication Engineering is a highly sought after branch of Engineering today by both parents and students. The age is rightly called the Electronic Era as every facet of our life is facilitated and controlled by Electronics in one form or other. The School offering undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses in seven of our campuses provides state-of-the-art faculty and infrastructure. The students of the School are well placed in public sectors and MNCs. Some of the leading recruiters are WIPRO, DELL, BHEL, MOTOROLA, INTEL etc. Along with inviting industry participation in curriculum delivery, mentoring, summer internships and industrial workshops and seminars, the school also facilitates sponsored research and industrial consultancy projects.

Food Technology
Right from its inception, the School of Food Technology emphasized on Quality Education, Training, Research, Product Development and Industrial Consultancy with the help of its team of expert faculty members from the Academia and Industry. The School has already received recognition from the Govt. of India, through a grant-in-aid of Rs.50 lacs for setting up a state-of-the-art "Food Quality Control Laboratory." The School also organizes entrepreneurship development program in association with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India and Dept. of Food Processing Industries and Horticulture, Govt. of West Bengal.

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Instrumentation system is widely used in various industries like. automobile, pharmaceuticals, chemical fertilizers, power plants, pollution control, biomedical, food processing, electronic product manufacturing, and textile. With the advancement and widespread applications of electronics and computers in instrumentation and control, quality technical human resource is in high demand both in academia as well as in industries. The School offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses leading to PhD in Electronics and Instrumentation at several of its campus locations.

Information Technology
In today's Industrial Environment, the disciplines of Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology have come to the forefront for providing tools and techniques to the rest of industry - Heavy Engineering, Science Sector, Finance Sector, Entertainment Sector and all other basic Industries. Especially after the advent of Internet the requirement for the design of newer and newer Computer applications has increased million fold, as even the small traders and businessmen have become globally connected and e-commerce has become the new business model.

In order to provide manpower for such a scenario, and inconformity with the mission of TIG has been to develop quality technical manpower through the departments of Computer Science & Engineering, and Information Technology.
As an Industry recognition, the prime Software Organization of the country TCS has also accredited the department.

Prime Organisations like IBM, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, Sasken, Mindfree- recruit students through campus interviews every year and in average 70% of the students are placed by the time they pass out.

Bio Medical Engineering:
Biomedical Engineering is an inter-disciplinary emerging field, which combines engineering methods, science and technology with medical needs for the enhancement of modern health care techniques. The discipline focuses on understanding complex living systems-via experimental and analytical techniques - and on development of instruments, methods and algorithms that advance medical and biological knowledge while improving the effectiveness and delivery of clinical medicine.

TIG has introduced 4-year graduate course (B.Tech) in Bio-Medical Engineering from 2003 for the first time in the Eastern region of India. This course integrates the main engineering branches like electrical, electronics, instrumentation and computer science engineering with medical sciences. The Department provides in depth theoretical knowledge about various kinds of medical instruments and systems and has well-equipped laboratories for performing experiments and demonstration. The department conducts special sessions where students get opportunities to interact with professionals and academicians from reputed industries and educational institutions for their knowledge enhancement and motivation.

TIG emphasizes on building a platform for graduate engineers through education, training and technology development for serving the needs for clinical medicine and biomedical industries through workforce and technology development. The graduate engineers get well equipped with the skill to investigate, plan, design, manufacture and maintenance of medical systems and equipment. It is pertinent to mention that biomedical engineers would be quite capable and deserving candidates in biomedical, electronics and computer science fields.

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering, basically a core branch of engineering, has come up with a number of astounding developments in the recent past to meet the ever- growing industry and market demand. Consequently need for updating the existing technologies became imminent. Our aim is to make our students aware of the existing state of the art trends by providing them sufficient exposure to the emerging fields like, MECHATRONICS, CAD-CAM, High precision machining and make them conversant with latest drafting and simulation software's like CATIA, Pro-Engineer etc.

Hotel Management and Catering Technology
The Department of Hotel Management and Catering Technology was established in 2005 to provide quality education in Hotel Management and is entirely tuned with the needs of the hospitality industry. The programme is approved by the AICTE and is affiliated to the West Bengal University of Technology.

It has been observed that apart from Hotels, Restaurants, Other eateries, Canteens of Corporate, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Guest Houses, Health Spas etc., hotel management students are being appointed in large numbers in other service sectors like Banks, Airlines, Railways, Cruise ships, Central & state Tourism Corporations, Call Center, Multiplexes, Shopping malls, etc. Apart from service sector companies, other large companies and multinational companies have started recruiting hotel management graduates and hotel managers particularly for jobs related to customer contact and marketing.