One of the most intellectually stimulating fields of study, the Humanities stream has incredible career options at its disposal. Students are offered a unique chance to learn and apply their wisdom to reflect upon the contemporary economic, religious, political and social scenarios of the century. The subjects that fall under the Humanities stream at Techno India are English, Environmental Studies and Mass Communication.


English is an academic field that encompasses the study of literature , English linguistics, and English sociolinguistics.

Environmental Studies

Environmental studies is an academic field which studies human interaction with the environment for solving complex problems. Environmental studies integrate the principles of the physical sciences, commerce/economics and social sciences in order to solve contemporary environmental problems.

Mass Communication

Mass communication studies how people exchange information via mass media to large sectors of the population. Mass communication refers to the imparting of information to a wide range of people.


The BBA-LLB course at Techno India is one of the most sought after academic programmes which offer the perfect integration of Management and Business subjects along with Law. This five years academic course enables the development of leadership and management skills along with legal studies. The study of law prepares the aspiring students to efficiently handle alarming issues of the present century namely, cyber crimes and security breaches. There are ample employment opportunities in the government as well as private sectors such as being legal practitioners, patent lawyers, insurance lawyers, government lawyers etc.

Techno India is immensely proud of the fact that it is approved by the Bar Council of India.