Research Funding

Techno India Group plays an exquisite role in diverse fields of research and technology. Our JRFs and SRFs have been performing exceptionally well in their respective projects, the testament being the prestigious research funds and patents procured by our research scholars.

Following are a handful of the achievements by this elite group:-

1. Techno India has been granted funds by ISRO, Ahmadabad for a project on Disaster Management using the Data Adaptive Approach. Our post graduate students and research scholars are getting the opportunity to work in government projects, using latest technologies and equipments, which has enabled them to broaden their vision.

2. Techno India takes pride in the fact that it has been granted funds by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) under DST for a project on Applications of Tele-connections on ocean wave parameters. Our research fellows can perform their work using hi-end infrastructure, advanced equipments and latest technologies. This has significantly improved the quality of research work carried out here, thus enhancing their level of confidence, motivation and interest.

3.Techno India has also established a Radio Astronomy Laboratory where the students have communicated with the planet Jupiter, capturing the sounds of its rotation.

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