Techno India provides a well-maintained library which serves as a reservoir of knowledge for the aspirants. Filled with a multitude of national and international books and journals that encompass a diverse spectrum of academic streams, students regularly access these resources according to their convenience. The library also maintains archives of students’ project reports, relevant case studies, dissertations and conference proceedings.

After admission in a specific academic course, a student is provided library membership which allows him/her access to the resources at the library. He/she can issue a particular book for a specific period of time and must return the book before or on the ending date. Failing to do so, he/she is charged a certain amount in the form of late book submission fine.

TIG also provides digital resources to its students. The digital library comprises over 16,000 E-books as well as 4,000 journals. Such a provision enables students to access class notes and study materials even outside their classrooms and library hours. In order to access and utilize the digital library, students are provided unique student IDs and passwords. The immense store of information available in the digital library is freely accessible through the campus Wi-Fi.

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