Techno India Group provides state-of-the-art laboratories owing to which this group has created a repute of its own in the field of academics and education. Well equipped laboratories with top notch facilities serve as an added boon for the aspirants which help them in exploring their subjects at a greater depth. A variety of laboratories are yet to be opened that will surely motivate and inspire even more students to enhance their expertise in their respective fields.

Engineering Physics Lab

Electrical Engineering Lab

Engineering Graphics

Workshop Practical

Engineering Chemistry Lab

Computing Lab

Electronics Engineering Lab

Engineering Graphics

Bio Medical Engineering

Numerical methods Lab

Biophysical Signals & Systems Lab

Circuits & Networks Lab

Physiology Lab

Analog Electronic Circuits Lab

Communication skill & Report writing

Biophysics & Biochemistry Lab

Biosensors & Transducers Lab

Digital Electronics & Integrated Circuits Lab

Biomedical Instrumentation Lab

Biomedical Equipments Lab 0

Communication Engineering Lab

Data Structure & C Lab Object Oriented Programming & JAVA Lab Computer Organization Lab

Medical Instruments Lab

Biomedical Digital Signal Processing Lab

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab

VLSI Design Lab

Biomaterials & Biomechanics Lab

Biomedical Instruments & System Lab

Medical Image Processing Lab

Adaptive Signal Processing Lab

Design Lab / Industrial problem related practical training

Basic Environmental Engineering & Elementary Biology Lab

Basic Science Chemistry

Professional Core Biochemistry Lab

Professional Core Microbiology Lab

Technical Report Writing & Language Lab Practice

Engg. Sc. Numerical Methods

Engg. Sc. Transfer Operation

Core Molecular Biology Lab

Core Fermentation Technology Lab

Genetics Lab

Core Bioinformatics Lab

Elec Transfer operation Lab

Elec. Data Structure & Algorithm Lab

Recombinant DNA Technology Lab

Core. Immunology Lab

Elec Plant Biotechnology Lab

Elec. Data Base Management System and Computer Networking Lab

Group Discussion

Core. Bioreactor Design & Analysis Lab

Elec. Food Biotechnology Lab

Elec. Process Instrumentation & Control Lab

Design Lab /Industrial problem/ Industrial related training

Civil Engineering


Solid Mechanics

Surveying Practice

Building Design & Drawing

Technical Report Writing & Language Lab

Practice Numerical Methods

Fluid Mechanics

Surveying Practice

Soil Mechanics Lab

Concrete Laboratory

Quantity Surveying, Specifications and Valuation

Engineering Geology Laboratory

Highway & Transportation Engg Lab

Detailing of RC and Steel Structures

CAD Laboratory

Environmental Engg Lab

Civil Engineering Practice Sessional

Elective Laboratory

Industrial Training

Structural Engineering Design Practice

Electrical Engineering

Analog & Digital Electronic circuit

Numerical Methods

Electric Circuit Theory


Physics Lab

Thermal power Engineering Lab

Electric Machine

Electrical & Electronic measurement

Total of Practical /Sessional

Electric machine

Power system

Control system

Data structure & algorithm

Computer Organization

Micro Processor & Microcontroller

Control System

Power System

Power Electronics

Software Engineering

Data Base Management System

Object Oriented Programming

Embedded Systems

Seminar on industrial training

Electric Drive

Computer Network

AI & Soft Computing

Digital Communication

Digital Image Processing

Electrical system design

Computer Science and Engineering

Analog & Digital Electronics

Data Structure & Algorithm Computer Organisation

Analog & Digital Electronics

Data Structure & Algorithm Computer Organisation

Technical Report Writing & Language Lab Practice

Communication Engineering & Coding Theory

Software Tools Computer Architecture

Design & Analysis of Algorithm Microprocessors & Microcontrollers

Programming Practices using C++ Circuit Theory & Network (ECE)

Data Communication (ECE)

Digital Signal Processing (ECE)

Object Oriented Programming (IT)

Data Base Management System Lab

Network Lab

Operating System Lab

Software Engineering Lab

Pattern Recognition

Soft Computing

Artificial Intelligence

Image Processing

Internet Technology (IT)

Microelectronics & VLSI Design (ECE)

Control System (EE)

Modelling & Simulation (M)

Design Lab / Industrial problem related practical training (Workshop needed)

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Analog & Digital Electronic circuit

Numerical Methods

Electric Circuit Theory

Technical report writing and language practice

Total of Practical / Sessional

Physics-II Lab

Transducers & sensors Lab

Electric Machine Lab

Electrical & Electronic measurement Lab

Total of Practical / Sessional

Electric machine

Digital Signal Processing

Data structure & algorithm

Computer Organization

Microprocessor & Microcontroller


Total of Practical / Sessional

Power System

Control System

Power Electronics

Operating System

Object Oriented Programming & JAVA

Embedded Systems

Total of Practical / Sessional

VLSI design

Digital Communication & Network

Operating system

Embedded system

AI & soft computing

Design of Electrical / Electronic Systems

Seminar on industrial training.



Grand Viva 3 Total of Practical / Sessional

Food Technology

Environmental Engineering Lab

Chemistry of Food Lab

Food Microbiology Lab

Biochemistry Lab

Chemistry of Food Lab

Unit operation Lab

Numerical methods lab

Technical Report Writing & Language Lab Practice

Food processing lab

Food analysis & quality control lab

Unit operation lab

Food processing lab

Microbial technology lab

Data structure & algorithm lab Seminar

Group Discussion

Food Engineering lab

Report and Seminar on Industrial Training

Instrumentation & Control Lab Sessional

Product Development & Quality Assurance Lab

Mechanical Engineering

Technical Report Writing & Language Lab

Practice Physics Lab

Machine Drawing

Workshop Practice

Applied Mechanics Lab

Numerical Methods Lab

Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Lab

Manufacturing Technology Lab

Material Testing Lab

Machine Drawing

Applied Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer Lab

Design Practice

Metrology & Measurement Lab

Professional Elective Lab-I

Machining & Machine Tools Lab

IC Engine Lab

Design Practice

Dynamics of Machines Lab

Professional Elective Lab

Advanced Manufacturing Lab

Design of a Mechanical System

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