Play Group to PhD

Techno India Group is presently one of the largest business conglomerates spanning Asia. From the establishment of 18 public schools and 11 H.S schools to 22 engineering colleges, 12 Business schools, 4 University campuses, 3 Super specialist hospitals and upcoming medical colleges, TIG has grown in leaps and bounds over the past 31+ years.

In order to ensure that students are groomed well right from the start, Techno India Group has established schools that have created a repute of their own by virtue of the high quality education rendered coupled with the unparalleled guidance of eminent and experienced teachers.

Highly recognized for its quality undergraduate and postgraduate courses, TIG presently encompasses academic streams such as Engineering & Technology, Management, Science, Humanities, Law, Architecture, Pharmacy, Medical etc. Guided by an illustrious base of faculty members from prestigious institutes such as IITs, NITs and ISI, students receive guidance from the best of the best which ensures their professional success in the long run. Dual degrees and interdisciplinary courses have also been introduced to adapt to the dynamic world of academics.

The fellowship program at Techno India has been designed in a way that deepens the research insight of scholars and academicians whilst staying in touch with the advancements in the concerned fields. Seminars and workshops conducted in collaboration with premier national and international institutes enrich the knowledge base of innumerable aspirants and motivate them to think, create and innovate.

Bringing elementary playgroup to doctorate programs under one roof, Techno India Group has been entrusted with the task of shaping the academic journey of millions of aspirants-a noble duty it has been doing justice to ever since its inception.

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