Physics is the study of matter, energy and their interactions in fields including Mechanics, Acoustics, Optics, Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, Radiation and Atomic and Nuclear Science. Everything happening in the universe stems from the wonders of Physics. Starting from the simple act of walking to intergalactic and interstellar phenomena, the laws of Physics bind them all. Physics plays a pivotal role in the progress of mankind as this branch of science possesses the capability of alleviating many of the problems that the human race currently faces. Techno India University, West Bengal provides proficient faculty members who build a strong foundation by infusing the apt fundamentals in the minds of students. The state-of-the-art laboratories’ infrastructure also enables students to explore a whole new world of practical actualization along with the development of a strong hold on the subject basics.


Chemistry is the scientific discipline encompassing the composition, structure, properties, behaviour of atoms and the changes they undergo during interaction with other compounds. Every activity in this universe starting from the way we breathe to the food we eat involve chemical reactions. The existence of Earth and its components stem from Chemistry also aptly referred to as Central Science. Pursuing a career in Chemistry helps students in better perceiving the world in which they reside. Techno India University, West Bengal committed to train students in a practical implementation oriented ambience provides commendable laboratories along with learned scholars/professors who further consolidate their grasp on the subject fundamentals.


Mathematics involves the study of objects and the relationships that exist between them. Mathematics is essential in every academic stream since it is the root of logic and reasoning. This branch of science focuses on the solution of practical problems ranging from trivial daily chores to professional tasks. The study of Mathematics instils in each and every one of us the powers of creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. Mathematics includes sub-topics such as Geometry, Calculus, Number theory, Combinatorics etc. Techno India University, West Bengal pays utmost heed to the development of problem-solving skills in students which is mandatory to work and prosper in the corporate and academic world. Ranging from natural science, Engineering to Statistics and Game theory, Mathematics is an absolute necessity in each and every field of study.


Microbiology can be briefly defined as the study of micro-organisms. This branch of science encompasses numerous sub-disciplines such as Virology, Parasitology, Mycology and Bacteriology. Microbiology is an extremely sought-after course of study since microorganisms play an important role in our everyday lives. Being an applied Science, Microbiology has immense contributions in the health, agriculture and medicine sectors. A career in Microbiology in this present day and age is very promising and Techno India University, West Bengal prepares the future aspirers in a way that ensures academic success and excellence. As an academic institute, research contributions in Microbiology which will benefit mankind and abolish the challenges that the human race currently faces are highly encouraged. State-of-the-art laboratory facilities at Techno India University, West Bengal assist in realizing these long terms as well.


Economics as a subject of study deals with the processes of producing, distributing and consuming goods and services in an economy. The world of economy will have ceased to exist in the absence of this branch of Social Science. Economy is the subject that ensures the survival of human beings. Ranging from matters such as unemployment, cost of living and taxes, Economics involves the in-depth study of current affairs. Techno India University, West Bengal by virtue of its eminent and experienced faculty base has triumphed in infusing interests in the hearts and minds of students whilst preparing them for a noble objective- building a progressive nation which can eliminate poverty and its associated challenges from the face of the Earth.

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